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The First Meeting of Task Force for APEC Forestry Ministerial Meeting successful

The first meeting of task force for APEC Forestry Ministerial Meeting was convened on May 14, 2011. The meeting was chaired by Mr. QU Guilin, Director General, Department of International Cooperation, State Forestry Administration of China (SFA).

The meeting? was? chaired? by? Mr.? QU? Guilin,? Director? General,? Department? of International? Cooperation,? State? Forestry? Administration? of? China? (SFA),? and? joined by? about? 30? representatives? from? Australia,? Canada,? Chile,? Japan,? Malaysia,? New Zealand,? Papua? New? Guinea,? Peru,? Singapore,? Chinese? Taipei,? Thailand,? the? United States? and? V iet? Nam.? Ambassador? Muhamad? Noor,? Executive? Director? of? APEC Secretariat attended the meeting, which aimed to establish a Task Force among APEC member? economies? in? support? of? developing? program? and? outcomes? for? the? First Forestry? Ministerial? Meeting,? and? to? initiate? the? Task? Force? by? the? first-round discussion? on? developing? program? and? proceeding? with? the? organization? of? the Ministerial Meeting.

Mr.? QU? started? the? meeting? by? appreciating? all? the? participants’? attendance? and introducing? the background of the? Forestry? Ministerial? Meeting proposed at the? 18APEC? Economic? Leaders’? Meeting? in? Japan? in? 2010.? In his introduction,? Mr.? QU pointed out the aspirational goal? of increasing forests by 20 million ha by 2020? in the region,? in? the? Sydney? Declaration? adopted? at? the? 15?? APEC? Economic Leaders’ Meeting? in? Australia? in? 2007.? It was? thought? to? be? necessary to review? the progress made? in? forests? and? lessons? learned? from? the? past? years? and to figure? out? the next step to bridge the gap between what’d been achieved and the goal ahead of regional forests? coverage.? Meanwhile, common concerns and shared interests should be presented and focused on.

The? draft? Term? of? Reference? for? the? Task? Force? was? briefed? by? Ms.? LIU? Xin,? Deputy Director? of? Multilateral? Cooperation,? SFA,? including? composition,? responsibility? and the? proposed? working? mechanism? of? the? proposed? task? force. The? consensus? was reached? upon? establishing? the? task? force? with? but? not? limited? to? the? 14? APEC economies? represented? at? the? meeting? as? a? core? group? to? provide? perspectives? to developing? the? program,? identifying? the? organization? and? drafting? the? outcome documents for the Forestry Ministerial Meeting. The possibility of extending the Task Force? after? the? Ministerial? Meeting? would? depend? on? the? interest? of? APEC economies.

The concept note of the Forestry Ministerial Meeting was introduced then by Ms. LU Qian, APFNet? and? Organizing? Committee? of? the? Forestry? Ministerial? Meeting, stressing the theme of the Ministerial Meeting would be stick to the forest cover goal set? forth? in? the? Sydney? Declaration,? and? insights? and? comments? from? all? the? APEC economies? would? be? encouraged? and? welcome? to? integrate? with? the? preliminary agenda? proposed? by? China.