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Minister Jia Meets with Forestry Minister from Republic of Korea

Mr. Jia Zhibang, Minister of State Forestry Administration Monday afternoon meets with Dr. Don Koo Lee, Minister of Korea Forest Service, who comes for the First APEC Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Forestry held on 6-8 September in Beijing. Mr. Jia appreciates ROK’s great support by sending a team to participate in the first-ever Event of this kind in forestry in Asia-Pacific region. The two sides exchange opinions on the cooperation between SFA and KFS regarding to the adopting of Baekdu-san tiger and plantation projects funded by ROK. Communication and cooperation are expected to be more strengthened in the future.?? Mr. Jia expresses the SFA’s interest in attending the high officials meeting to be held in ROK in October during the COP10 of UNCCD and tries to sign the MOU on Northeast Asia DLDD Network.

Mr. Qu Guilin, Director General of International Cooperation Department of SFA and Dr. Yong Kwon, LEE, the head of International Cooperation Division of Korea Forest Service and Mr. Cho Ilho, Agricultural Counselor of ROK’s Embassy also attend the bilateral meeting.