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Second Meeting of the APFNet Interim Steering Committee Successfully Concluded i

Mr. Su Chunyu Chaired the Meeting

The Second Meeting of the APFNet Interim Steering Committee was held in the APFNet secretariat in Beijing, on 18 April 2012, gathering all the eight economy members and two organization members of the Interim Steering Committee and also ITTO as an observer to the meeting. The meeting is aimed to discuss the acceptance of ITTO as member of the Interim Steering Committee, review APFNet Operational Framework, the APFNet Annual Work Plan 2012 and the Rules of Procedure on APFNet Membership Development.

Mr. Su Chunyu, substitute Chair of the meeting, Director General for International Cooperation, State Forestry Administration, China, addressed the opening on behalf of Madame Yin Hong, chair of the Interim Steering Committee. In his opening remarks, Mr. Su stressed that in the initial stage of development, APFNet is in great need of consultative advice and guidance provided by the Interim Steering Committee. Updates on the changes of the representatives in the Interim Steering Committee were briefed, i.e. the US, China and PNG new representatives.

In the morning session of the meeting, after discussion on the composition of the Interim Steering Committee, all the current members agreed that acceptance of ITTO as new member of the Committee would increase the membership balance of the Committee and applauded to welcome ITTO’s joining the Committee. And then the members moved on to review the APFNet Operational Framework, which was revised since last meeting based on the feedbacks from the Committee and the focal points. It was agreed that more written feedbacks on the text of the document will be provided respectively to the APFNet secretariat within three weeks after the meeting.

Mr. Qu Guilin, Executive Director of the APFNet secretariat, delivered a presentation on APFNet’s progress in 2011 and the work plan for 2012. Members of the committee and other participants appreciated efforts of the Secretariat in implementing various activities in 2011 and reinstated their continuous support for APFNet. Suggestions and comments were received from the members on the make the work plan more inclusive.

In the afternoon sessions, members of the Committee reviewed the Rules of Procedure on the APFNet membership development, other related matters, and the organizational work for the next meeting. At last, Mr. Su concluded the meeting and suggested the secretariat prepare the summary of the meeting.