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APFNet Delegation in Laos for a Project Feasibility Study

The APFNet delegation visited DOFI, MAF, Lao PDR

Based on recommendations from a Project Appraisal Expert Panel, the project applied by Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI), is classified as a potential project to be funded by APFNet in 2013. In order to further learn about the project pilot area, the capability of the applicant in project implementation, assess the potential positive effects of the project on forest product trade and better improve the project proposal, APFNet has sent a delegation to the Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Lao PDR to conduct a project feasibility study.

DOFI, a new department established in 2009 under MAF, is mainly responsible for forest law enforcement and wildlife conservation. DOFI had a close relationship with Department of Forestry (DOF), Ministry of Industrial and Commerce (MoIC) and Department of Forest Resources Management of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) in cracking down upon illegal logging and wildlife poaching.

After communicating closely on how to improve the project proposal, the delegation paid a visit to the provincial-level forestry inspection offices (POFI) in Savnnankhet to further comprehend the status of forest illegal logging and forest law enforcement in that province. The two sides have finally reached a consensus on the objectives in combating forest illegal logging in Laos and activities that contribute to the achievement of these objectives.

The APFNet delegation visited POFI in Savnnankhet, Lao PDR

The project, applied by DOFI, aims to improve law enforcement and governance in Laos through developing Guidelines on verification of timber legality, timber tracking system and cross-sectoral cooperation mechanism.