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APFNet Workshop on Agroforestry for Rural Development launched in Kunming, China

Ms. Rosalie McConnell facilitated the workshop

APFNet workshop on Agroforestry for Rural Development was launched on 12 November, 2012 in Kunming, China. It is the 4th workshop under “Forestry and Rural Development” series of APFNet capacity building program since 2009.

The workshop brought together 15 senior forestry officials from 15 economies in the Asia-Pacific region including Peru, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Viet Nam, Philippines, Thailand, and so forth. It aims to pool effective ways and successful practices of agroforestry in the past decades in the region and identify the problems and challenges associated with applying available knowledge in promoting sustainable agroforestry practices.

Moreover, the workshop uses a mix of methods including keynote lectures, participant’s presentations, working group and field trips to cover topic issues regarding a review of socio-economic and environmental aspects of agroforestry, the role of agroforestry for community forestry development in the Asia-Pacific region and so forth. Participants’ reports will also provide a basis for in-depth exchange onexperiences and lessons learned on agroforestry development.

A field trip to Pu’er City in Yunnan Province will be organized in the latter part of the workshop to showcase the experience of agroforestry practicesat local level in China.

Dr. Dietrich Schmdt-Vogt gave the lecture